Exam Week

The end of the semester, that means final exam week! I have four exams this week and a six papers to turn in for extra credit. At the very least, I need to create outlines for each one.

I have two exams in Western Civilizations II, one being an essay exam in which I need to create six outlines for.
A cumulative exam in Trigonometry.
And finally, a cumulative exam in C++.

Edit: Today was the essay portion of the final exam in Western Civilizations class. The topic was the causes, impacts, and the demise of the Cold War.

Minecraft Server Update

Today, I installed Minecraft version 1.12.2 and updated the plugins and configured them to work with the MySQL database. I have finals all week next week, which means I will be studying this weekend and the coming week. Next weekend however, I will have time to play and do some work on the server. And continuing from my last post, if I am offered an IT contract, then in the next few months I will be able to afford promotions for the server!

Anyway, the server is now up and properly configured!: Macdaddy4sure.com

Minecraft Server

After a few weeks, the server is finally up! I am going to work on updating plugins and configure CoreProtect

Edit: The Minecraft server is now online!

Western Civilizations II – Final and Extra Credit

For the Western Civilizations final, my professor assigns six essays for extra credit with one essay to be taken on the test day. She also assigns each group from the oral presentations an essay to create a thesis statement for. I plan on turning in each of the essays as extra credit. I believe she told the class that they are each worth 2 extra credit points. If I complete them all, that would equate to 12 points of total extra credit if I write them all. Actually, I am going to at least create outlines for each one as she is going to choose at random on the essay exam day. I am also going to create a spreadsheet with all of the exam terms.

Minecraft Server

Unfortunately, the Hyper-V virtual hard drive is corrupted. I made a backup of the files before the server went offline. I am also upgrading the OS on the VM to Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. Unfortunately, I was not able to save the virtual hard drive for the Minecraft server VM. This means, I need to restore a backup of the server. Also, the MySQL database was corrupted and I could not restore the permissions database, and the forum database. Thus both need to be redone and re-configured.

Edit: I just returned home. I am configuring the new virtual machine now. The Minecraft Server should be up in about an hour or two.

Edit 2: Unfortunately, the backup of the server was an old backup I made. I am going to do my best to recover the level files from the old virtual hard disk.

Server Restore

Pleased to write and inform that the movies, audiobooks, television series’, music, and shared files have been restored successfully! Currently recovering the Virtual Machine hard disks, this is estimated to take about a day or so.

IT Contract and Summer 2018

My plan for summer 2018 is to work as a Desktop Support person and/or take a class this semester. The recruiter told me the group works a new contract ever 2-3 weeks. I might be able to take a night class and work contracts early in the morning; I was hopping for a more stable position this summer but 1-3 week contracts will work for me.

If I do not make it on a contract, my plan is to take at least two classes during the summer. I enjoy summer classes because the scheduling is for every day of the week except Friday. My registration appointment is today at 11:30 PST, my plan is to at least take General Psychology and maybe General Biology if I do not make it on a contract.

As of right now, I have 39 semester units.

Status Update

I am currently enrolled in three classes. Two tat Fullerton College in Fullerton, and another class at Orange Coast College. I am taking Western Civilizations II, Introduction to Programming Concepts in C++, and Trigonometry respectively.

This week in Trigonometry, we learned about solving trigonometric equations with trig identities. Monday, April 30, my instructor assigned a take home quiz in which I am finished with and will be turning in today.

In Western Civilizations, following my groups presentation on German Unification before World War I in the 19th and 20th centuries. Last wee she assigned each presentation group a documentary video to watch and subsequently she assigned my group with analyzing the symbolism in the movie and during World War II. The first half of the assigned book was tested on for a mid-term with terms she provided in class, and six essay prompts with one essay writing in class. This half of the course, I am in the process of studying the remainder of the book and soon to follow, I will work on and finish 6 essay assignments that are assigned for extra credit. I plan to finish all of the essay prompts by May 21. I have started creating an outline for the first prompt; comparing and contrasting nation building in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.